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Righteous Before God
June 24, 2018
Think for a moment about how you would want to be seen by God. If today you came face to face with our Lord, how would you want God to describe your life? Read more »

What Do I Want To Pass On to My Children
June 17, 2018
What do I hope my children will remember about me when they think of their father? Read more »

Graduation Sunday - Missions Sunday - Discipleship Sunday
June 10, 2018
Graduation Sunday is related to Missions Sunday and a reminder of what we call Discipleship Sunday. Read more »

All Saints Day
June 03, 2018
Throughout the New Testament, the early Christians use to call every believer a saint. Why? Because it was a reminder that every baptized believer is suppose to live a holy life. Read more »

We Need To Do More Than Just Pray
May 20, 2018
The “unthinkable has happened” was how one government official responded to the latest school shooting in Sante Fe, Texas this past week. And yet, is it really “unthinkable?” Unfortunately, as a parent of four school age children, we realize that these horrific, mass killings are NOT so unthinkable anymore. Read more »

The Angelic Presence of Mothers
May 13, 2018
The angelic presence and influence of a sincere, Christian mother! Maybe no influence on earth can impact a child in the same way! The writer Emerson once said 'People are what their mothers make them.' Read more »

Journeying Together With Our Children
May 06, 2018
As we celebrate Godparents and Grandparents Sunday, we need to highlight the extremely crucial role that godparents and grandparents can play in the village that is looking out for our children. Read more »

The Resurrection - Truth or Fairy Tale?
April 09, 2018
The Muslim mother was extremely touched by the life of Christ, especially when Jesus resurrected from the death, and asked her son, “Is that really true? Did Jesus actually rise from the dead?” But before my student could give an answer, his atheistic father sarcastically laughed, “That’s all a fairy tale, a myth. Simply a story for children to believe. Who has ever heard of someone rising from the dead? Ridiculous!” Read more »

The Power of Hope
April 02, 2018
The power of hope. Even in the worst situation, when people struggle under the most extreme situations where they face the darkness and evil of life, we humans hold on to hope. That is a lifeline to those who suffer, hoping that a better day awaits them! Read more »

Humble Obedience - Not a Popular Notion
March 25, 2018
Obedience. Not a very popular notion for many people. How many of us like to obey others? Read more »

Struggling to Stay on the Faithful Path
March 18, 2018
When we look around at the world every day, think about the craziness of our society, and realize how many people have turned away from God and His ways, what do we think? Many people are even wondering whether we are living in the end times? Read more »

The Power of the Cross
March 11, 2018
The Cross is not a burden to be carried and endured, but a source of power and strength to give us hope and to guide us in how to live our lives! Read more »

Christ the Healer
March 04, 2018
We are all broken in some ways. We are all sick. We are all in need of help from a healer. Read more »

The Universe is My Parish
February 25, 2018
My parish is my universe? Or The universe is my parish? Read more »

Preparing for Lent and Forgiveness Sunday
February 18, 2018
We cannot journey closer towards God if we are not ready to forgive one another. Lent is a time of reconciling with those from whom we have distanced ourselves. A first concrete step we should take in our Lenten journey is a step towards anyone for whom we have anger, or bitterness or hatred. Read more »

The Danger of Trusting In Oneself
January 29, 2018
"More blessed is the person who has sinned and knows he has sinned and repents, then the person who has not sinned and thinks himself righteous." Read more »

What Do We Seek After?
January 22, 2018
What do we seek after in life? Well, if we look at how we spend our time, we can get an idea of what we seek after. Read more »

Extremist of Love and Justice
January 15, 2018
Extremism seems to be on the rise in America, and this can come in many dangerous forms. Right-wing extremism, as well as left-wing extremism. Religious extremism along with atheist extremism. How many of us would like to be labeled an extremist? Read more »

The Promise of Change
January 08, 2018

Good News of Great Joy
December 26, 2017


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Facing Our Uncertain Future
August 01, 2020
What does the future hold for us? The COVID 19 Pandemic continues and such uncertainty prevails in many aspects of our lives. Read more »

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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY - Sunday of the Samaritan Woman
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When we think of Mothers, who is the greatest mother in history? Now some of you might say your own mother but as Christians we would point to the Virgin Mary, the Theotokos, the Mother of God. Read more »

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