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Christ Lives In Me

September 18, 2016 -

How many of you were at our festival last week when Billy Gibbons, the lead singer for the rock-n-roll band ZZ Top, came by to eat some Greek food? For me, I knew ZZ Top from when I was younger, but I wouldn’t have even recognized Billy Gibbons. Yet, I found it quite interesting to see how everyone reacted at having a celebrity come to our Church. For the older generation, word quickly spread under the tent about Billy Gibbons and ZZ Top. People wanted to meet him and to take a picture with him. Others posted on facebook their pictures and let the world know that we had some famous celebrity visit our Church festival.


Festival Sunday

September 11, 2016 -

“Many members but one body - Working together for the glory of God” 

Well, our annual festival is here once again, and what a hectic yet joyous time for our Sts. Constantine and Helen family.  Many parishioners have been wonderful stewards of their time and talents in busily preparing for all the visitors who are coming to our church this weekend. What a beautiful sight to see our Church family working together in harmony and peace, all for the glory of God.


Our Call to Forgive

September 04, 2016 -

Holding on to bitterness is like drinking poison, and hoping your enemy dies from it. (Nelson Mandela)

A missionary shared a story of a former man-eating cannibal, a tribesman from some small South Pacific Island, who encountered the power of Christ’s Good News, and converted to Christianity.  One subsequent Sunday, the missionary observed how this man began to approach the Holy Altar to receive Holy Communion, only to quickly turn around and rush out of the Church.


Receiving Holy Communion

August 28, 2016 -


Suppose you were invited to a magnificent celebration – it could be a wedding, a family celebration, or even an invitation to someone’s home for a special dinner. If everyone sat down, and the meal was placed before you, and as all are about to eat, you chose NOT to eat, how would you host feel? Especially in a Greek or Albanian home, where food and hospitality play a central role, the host would insist on his guest eating, and if the guest continued to refuse, the host would feel insulted.



The Olympics and our Christian Journey

August 21, 2016 -
Kindness, encouragement, and helping others. What great virtues to see and learn from the Olympics. And of course, there are so many other great lessons we can discover for our own journey in the Christian life from the Olympics.


Hope Patience and Prayer

August 07, 2016 -
Rejoice in hope; be patient in tribulation; continue steadfast in prayer.


Reflections on Project Mexico

July 24, 2016 -
This was one of the greatest experiences in my life. When I saw the face of Victor crying when he received the keys to his new house, I felt so good.. I don’t think I will be more happy when I get my own house one day


Racism and Jesus Christ

July 17, 2016 -
This past week, terrible images of racism are on the minds of everyone. Daily we see other biased images and horrible caricatures of people based on their religion, their political views, or some other perspective. As followers of Jesus Christ, we have to seriously pause and re-evaluate our own worldview.


Freedom in Christ

July 03, 2016 -
The Statue of Liberty has always been a symbol of hope for millions and millions of immigrants who have come to this country, often fleeing poverty, oppression and the harsh realities of their homeland.


All Saints Sunday

June 26, 2016 -
Anestis Jordanoglou offers a sermon on All Saints Sunday.


Jen Rice - New Missionary to the Mayan Indians

June 05, 2016 -
Jen Rice, a recent Holy Cross graduate, is now preparing for long-term service as an OCMC missionary to Guatemala among the Mayan Indians. Hear why!!!


The Great and Holy Council

May 29, 2016 -
“The Great Council is not a new ecumenical council that needs to resolve every menacing problem. Our Council is something else. What we are telling people with our Council is: “In a troubled world, we do not remain silent; at a dark time, we have a word of hope and light.””


Do You Want To Be Healed

May 22, 2016 -
Whenever we pray to God and turn to Christ for something – whether healing, or help in a tough situation, or a way to resolve a problem, or for wisdom and discernment in our life – whenever we turn to God for help we have to be prepared to change our lives. Our prayer shouldn’t be to simply get a free handout. Our prayer should put us in communion with God and help us better understand His will for us in our lives


The Myrrhbearing Women

May 15, 2016 -
Jesus chose to first appear to such “lowly” women and he entrusted to them the privilege to go and share the good news of the resurrection with others. In other words, these women became apostles to the chosen apostles.


Life Over Death

May 01, 2016 -
Christ’s resurrection is all about life over death, about light over darkness, about goodness over evil, about joy over sorrow, about new beginnings over dead ends. Jesus confronted all forms of darkness and evil – betrayal, denial, rejection, ridicule, persecution, torture, and even unjust and cruel death. He confronted each form of evil by not giving in to it; he didn’t allow the evil to lead Him to respond in an evil way. Instead, he responded to every form of evil with divine love.


The Joy of Palm Sunday

April 24, 2016 -
In today’s Palm Sunday epistle reading, we hear St. Paul offer similar words - “Rejoice in the Lord always” - to the persecuted believers in Philippi, while he himself languished in a prison cell.


Increasing Our Faith

April 10, 2016 -
“O Faithless generation. How long shall I be with you? How long shall I bear with you?” Imagine hearing those words from Christ! What would we think if Jesus called us a “Faithless generation,” and if he threatened us with the words, “How long shall I put up with you?!?”


Deny Self So We Can Fill Self

April 03, 2016 -
“No one can really embrace the Christian asceticism mapped out in the New Testament unless he has some idea of the positive, constructive function of self-denial. (Thomas Merton)


Seeing God in the Poor - A Story from Africa by Fr. Themi Adamopoulo

March 20, 2016 -
Fr Themi Adamopoulo, the former atheist, Marxist rock-n-roller who became not only an Orthodox priest, but a missionary serving the poorest of the poor in Sierra Leone, offers powerful words today.


Beginning our Lenten Journey

March 13, 2016 -
Are any of you making plans yet for your summer vacation? Well, tomorrow we begin the most exciting journey of the year!


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