We warmly welcome you to the website of our Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church Family. 


The Mission of Saints Constantine and Helen Church 
is to proclaim the Good News of Salvation 
through the Orthodox Christian Faith 
for the glory of our Triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We are a loving community of believers who journey 
towards our Lord Jesus Christ and one another through our 

We invite all people to join us on this journey towards the Kingdom of Heaven


Through this Missions Statement, we summarize who we are as a Church, and how we strive to live our calling as the Body of Christ. We hope this website will introduce you to our ancient Orthodox Christian Faith, and our beloved Church Family. We would also like these pages to help you discover something new about our Faith.

If you are looking for a Church Family, we welcome you to come and visit us. If you are a new member of our parish, or are considering membership, these web pages will acquaint you with what our parish offers to those who give it support and sustenance. 

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God the Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you always!


Sunday Matins 8:30 am; 
Saturday Great Vespers 6:00pm
Wednesday Bible Study 10:00am
Thursday Night Bible Study at Home of Fr. Luke and Pres Faith 7:00pm

Alcoholics Anonymous - Sundays 7:00pm

Alanon Meeting - Wednesday 5:30pm


Feb 2 - 8:45 Matins; 9:30 Divine Liturgy for the Presentation of our Lord in the Temple

Feb 2 - 12:30 Living Bread Luncheon

Feb 15 - Youth leave for MBC Winter Camp

Feb 15-24 Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands

Feb 24 - 6:30pm Parish Council Meeting

Feb 27 - 6:30pm Paraclesis Supplication Service to the Virgin Mary

March 2 - 8:45 Matins; 9:30 Divine Liturgy and Memorial for First Saturday of the Souls

March 2 - 12:30 Living Bread Luncheon

March 3 - Godparents/Grandparents Sunday

March 9 - 2nd Saturday of Souls - 8:45 Matins; 9:30 Divine Liturgy and Memorial

March 11 - Clean Monday; the Beginning of Great Lent

March 13 - 6:00 Pre-Sanctified Liturgy and Lenten Dinner

March 15 - 6:30 1st Salutations Service to the Virgin Mary

March 16 - 3rd Saturday of Souls - 8:00 Matins; 8:45 Divine Liturgy and Memorial followed by Lenten Retreat (10:00-12:30) with Dr. Bruce Beck on "Using Holy Scriptures in our Lenten Journey Towards Pascha."

March 20 - 6:00pm Pre-Sanctified Liturgy and Lenten Dinner

March 22 - 5:00 2nd Salutations Service to the Virgin Mary 

March 22 - 6:15-8:30 Family Game Night

April 20 - Lazarus Saturday

April 21-27 - Palm Sunday and Holy Week (6:30pm Services every night)

April 28 - PASCHA

July 9-15 Project Mexico 

July 18-22 Vacation Church Camp

July 29-Aug 4 MBC (Metropolis of Boston) Summer Camp - sign up at www.mbcamp.org

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Don't Accept the Grace of God in Vain
February 04, 2019


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Monthly Bulletin
Monthly Message
February 01, 2019 -
Over the past several Sundays, I’ve been preaching on  topics related to our seriousness and our commitment to following the ways of our faith and developing a vibrant, living, dynamic relationship with Christ.


Recent Sermons
February 04, 2019 -
“Don’t accept the grace of God in vain.” St. Paul warns the first Christians in Corinth about this in today’s epistle reading. What does that mean? How can one accept the grace of God in vain?


January 21, 2019 -
A strange illness has appeared in our days – the passion for distractions. Never before was there such a desire for distractions; people have forgotten how to lead a serious life for the good of others; they have no spiritual life and are bored. They exchange the profound content of a spiritual life for distractions! What madness! We must re-introduce into life its lost meaning and give back to the people the knowledge of the true purpose of life.


Our Orthodox Faith
Our Faith

Our Orthodox Faith and The Centrality of Missions
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